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Bhuja x Bunya Designs Indigenous Artwork Collaboration

Meet the Artist – Leah Cummins, Bunya Designs


We are proud to have collaborated with Leah Cummins of Bunya Designs in the creation of the beautiful artwork for our Bhuja Snack Safari Aussie Style Mix.


Leah Cummins (@bunyadesigns) is a proud Mayi woman from North-Western Queensland who finds inspiration in her cultural identity and brings stories of her country and people to life through her contemporary art. Majans asked Lea to to create a special and wonderful design for the new Bhuja Snack Safari Aussie Style Mix.


“Nourishment of Mukkeo” is the name she has given to the work. Her description :


“Nourishment of mukkeo – “muk-keo” means earth in the Mayi-kulan language. The artwork shows the gratitude and interconnectedness with nature and our ancestors. It celebrates the bountiful gifts that the land offers us, encompassing the plants, waterway that provides life and community.


The artwork is centered around nourishment provided by the land, not only for the body but also for the mind and spirit. It calls for a reconnection to our ancestral roots and totems, acknowledging that by reconnecting with our land and heritage, we can strengthen our bond with our ancestors.


The artwork serves as a reminder to appreciate and honour the land and its gifts, fostering a sense of unity and reverence for nature and our cultural.
I want to share this piece with love and harmony.”


We love the new pack design from Bunya Designs. Thank you Leah.